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kamitim3 reviews Digital Paint: Paintball 2 (PC)

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kamitim3 said...

This is an awesome PC game. Though it may have a few problems it is worth trying. It's meant to be played over the internet with other people. The maps are sometimes beautiful and sometimes not so good looking. If I'm not mistaken the maximum amount of people that can be in map at one time is 18. But there are plenty of rooms to join if a room is full. You can also chat with the other players or if your team is trying to stratigize, you could talk specifically to your team. Depending on your computer it may run smoothly. Older comeputers or dail up connections may cause you to lag while playing, which makes it easier for the other players to shoot you. You can see more about the game at dplogin.com.

Game Traits applied to Digital Paint: Paintball 2 (PC) by kamitim3

  • The Setting:
    setting varies
  • Playing As:
    paint ball shooter
  • Playing Against:
    Other people online
  • How it's Played:
    Online Multiplayer
  • General Tone:
    Some what fast paced
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